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Medalist Electronic Softtip Dart Boards

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Built To Last, Designed To Be Easily Updated

The Spectrum line of dart boards utilizes an LCD flat panel color monitor that provides true color, as well as state of the art graphics and photo-quality definition. It also has dual-LED lighting that creates target lighting that is second to none, and unique upgrades and game updates. The Spectrum dart boards are easy to upgrade with the latest software which may include advertising, games and parity play league formats.



  • Built-In Computerized 1- 4 Player Automatic Scoring allows anyone to play instantly, comes with over 27 different dart games and you can play against the computer

  • Tournament and Parity Play (Handicapped) League Scoring

  • High Visibility LCD Flat Panel Color Monitor with state-of-the-art graphics and photo quality definition for awesome scoring/graphic display:

  • Dual LED Target Lighting second to none

  • Dual Coin Mechanisms (Can be set on free-play)

  • On-Line Ready for commercial/league use with regular downloads, calls to action, and many game updates/upgrades.

  • Free Accessory Package (Darts, Tips, Throw Line)

  • ICT Electronic Bill Acceptor (optional) accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills